Suzhou Xiuze Logistics Machinery Co., Ltd. always follow the "quality flawless, service without picky" business philosophy, product quality and effective protection, is committed to providing customers with fast, professional and thoughtful service. Always provide excellent customer service as the company to win the market's key. In any area, can get Xiuze professional and technical personnel of the most timely quality service.

Xiuze to the customer to ensure that: all products are no process or material defects, such as the discovery of defects in strict accordance with the national quality requirements, the implementation of Three Guarantees:

One, ten days return
A, the customer received the product does not meet the requirements in the order, resulting in can not be used normally.
B, the product can not be used and can not repair the defects.

Second, one month Baohuan
A, the customer received the product and order product model does not match.
B, in the delivery of the transport process caused by product defects, can not be repaired.

Three, one year repair package
Within one year from the date of delivery of the product, under normal use, due to product quality reasons (improper use and other reasons for people do not belong to the warranty) caused by equipment failure, free warranty.

In addition to the above warranty, Xiu Ze did not make any other guarantee, for the catalog product misuse, improper selection or improper application occurred in the catalog product defect claims, Xiu Ze do not assume any responsibility.

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