Common Faults and Solutions of Lifting Platform
Lifting platform hydraulic system water inlet and intake reasons

      Mobile hydraulic lift hydraulic system to prevent air and water into the reasons: the oil contains excessive moisture, is to make the hydraulic components corrosion, oil emulsion deterioration, lubricating oil film strength to reduce the mechanical wear. So in addition to maintenance to prevent moisture invasion, but also pay attention to the oil tank when not in use, to tighten the lid, the best inversion placed; water content of the oil to be filtered several times, each filter once to replace a dry filter paper , In the absence of special equipment detection, the oil can be heated to the hot iron plate, no steam and immediately burn the fire can only raise

Lift the platform of the hydraulic system to prevent air and water into the reasons: the atmospheric pressure in the hydraulic oil contains a volume ratio of 6 to 8% of the air, when the pressure is reduced from the air out of the air, the bubble burst to the hydraulic components of the cavitation Produce noise. And a lot of air into the oil will make the phenomenon of cavitation intensified, hydraulic oil compression will increase, work instability, reduce efficiency, the implementation of components will appear crawling and other adverse consequences. And the air is to make the hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerated oil deterioration.

How to maintain the mechanical parts of aluminum alloy lifts
    Residents living in the city, more living in the plot of the building inside, up and down the stairs to the people of the trip has brought inconvenience, the emergence of the lift for the people to lift the distress. So, I plant for the various components need to maintain it?
1. Elevator hall doors and car door maintenance. Elevator failure in general more in the elevator hall doors and car doors, it should pay attention to the hall door, aluminum lift on the maintenance. First, the door on the gate of the refueling on the refueling place to keep a good lubrication, the elevator will not be in operation and the door opened in the unpleasant sound. Pay attention to the safety of the elevator or light curtain type touch panel switch line inspection, because the elevator switch door frequency is high, will make the switch line damage, hydraulic maintenance personnel in each work must be checked, the For the change in advance, do not let the user because of the door of the elevator product quality problems.
2. The elevator's traction machine requires oil lubrication. There are two scales on the cover of the hoisting machine, open the nozzle to see the oil should be in the middle of the two scales, if the oil below the lower scale, it means that the tractor should be refueling, if not refueling, the elevator for a long time It will not get a good lubrication, which led to the elevator traction machine and the motor burned. After the elevator has been running for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time so that the traction machine will always maintain a good and smooth lubrication.

The hydraulic lift does not rise
1, overload
2, return valve is not closed
3, manual pump check valve stuck, return failure
4, manual pump, gear pump serious oil spill
5, gear pump damage, hit the oil without pressure
6, lack of hydraulic oil
7, circuit break
8, the filter is blocked
9, support the valve or electromagnetic valve action failure,

Reduce the load
Tighten the return valve
Unscrew the pump port bolts, repair, clean, replace the cleaning hydraulic oil
Replace the pump seal
Replace gear pump
Plus hydraulic oil
Check button contactors and fuses
Replacement or cleaning

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