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company spirit

Responsible: Xiuze lift machinery requires employees to have a high degree of responsible spirit, is responsible for the work is dedicated to the enterprise is loyal, the customer is responsible for integrity.

Collaboration: On the basis of giving full play to the individual talents of the staff, it emphasizes communication and cooperation, promotes the collective goal of personal wisdom service, and local development obeys the overall planning.

Learning: Xiuze lift machinery advocate faster than the competition, better, competitive knowledge management capabilities, to provide staff comprehensive ability to determine their own value in society.

Innovation: service innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and organizational innovation is the theme of the continuous development of Xiuze lift machinery, Xiuze lift machinery to encourage employees to innovate, and strive to create a unity, relaxation, harmony and so conducive to innovation and organizational atmosphere and mechanism.

"Bright and strict" style of work

 Ming: clear objectives, clear responsibilities, information sharing, management and transparency.

 Fast: to enhance collaboration, optimize the process, rapid response, vigorous and resolute.

 Strict: strict standards, self-discipline, the grid to do their duties, beyond the self.

 Real: seeking truth from facts, less empty words, more practical things, pay attention to the effectiveness of the company's core values.

people oriented

"Company that is", Xiuze lift machinery is a collection of people, Xiuze lift machinery without "people" is "only", Xiuze lift machinery people-oriented, always put the human factor in the center position, always beating People's enthusiasm in the dominant position. In the realization of Xiuze lift the economic value of machinery at the same time, as much as possible to play every person's intelligence, so that employees get a comprehensive development. Xiu Ze lift the operation of the machinery must rely on the wisdom and strength of all staff.

Customer first

Every customer's request, there must be a reason. We can not blindly think that something is absolutely right. The first thing to do is to see what is wrong with us, and then the two sides communicate to solve the problem.

Pursuit of excellence

We do not seek the best, but we always pursue better. We do the first aspect, to do better than in the past, we can not do the first aspect we also strive to have greater improvement than in the past. "We are always improving" is the common code of conduct for Xiuze lift machinery.

Sincerity to the letter

To be customers in good faith, to be leaders in good faith, to be in the next level in good faith. To be colleagues in good faith. To be friends in good faith. Sincere to the letter, whether it is work or life, are Xiuze lift mechanical staff to people-oriented criteria, perhaps "treat people with sincerity, service to the letter" will lose some short-term small interest. But it is indeed the basis for long-term exchanges and cooperation between people, Xiu Ze lift machinery, "integrity of my heart."

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