Users in the selection stage, our company is willing to provide you with a variety of technical advice, a good staff, and provide technical information, such as product samples, product brochures, product structure, annex design drawings. If necessary, may participate in the design of special requirements of the product, the user needs to calculate the technical parameters.

Users in the selection stage, I welcome the company to Suzhou City, Xu Ze lifting machinery Technology Co., Ltd. on-site inspection, the company will provide all the convenience and provide a variety of information.
For the user calls, letters and inquiries from the inquiry, the company will be warm reception, timely reply to the company for the time being can not produce the product, but also to explain the reasons for the user and provide information to other units.

After the signing of the contract, I welcome the company to send users to the company to implement Pro, I am the company staff to actively cooperate with the staff, and provide the convenience of life, the user sent to the staff of the product quality of the views of the company will give Attention and improvement.
Products in the shipment, if found to be missed, wrong or less for the number of accessories on the issue, our company received a notice immediately sent to the site for service and processing. In the course of the use of the user, if found due to my company's responsibility caused by product quality problems, the company received a notice to ensure that within 24 hours to reply to the need to be sent to ensure that immediately sent to the scene free of charge Failure, so that the product in the shortest possible time to re-run, do not need to field service, must be a good staff, to provide users with the best solution.

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