Xiuze always follow the "quality flawless, service without picky" business philosophy, commitment to all products are no process or material defects, and is committed to providing customers with fast, professional and thoughtful service.

Xiu Ze provides quality assurance for a period of 12 months from the transfer of product risk to the customer. The above warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. If the customer found the quality defects, and the product is still in the guarantee period, the customer can call customer service to Xiuze, we will promptly determine whether the product in the material or process defects, such as defects, Xiuze according to the situation in the first time Within the free repair or replacement of products or services, which is Xiu Ze on the customer to provide all the compensation.

In addition to the above warranty, Xiu Ze does not assume any responsibility for the product defects or claims for improper product selection or improper application. In addition to the warranty made by Ichizawa, Xiu Ze did not make any implied or other guarantee other than applicable law.

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