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Today, talk about the working principle of Suzhou hydraulic bridge, the following by the Suzhou City Xuze lift Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. for everyone to analyze the working principle of Suzhou hydraulic bridge.
Hydraulic boarding bridge in the current field of loading and unloading cargo utilization is a high degree of mechanical equipment, it is efficient, time-saving, effort. To the logistics warehousing and unloading and fast-paced transport has brought convenience and protection, forklifts and a variety of transport vehicles through the bridge after climbing with a slope of the bridge can enter the truck compartment, loading and unloading operations.
For many customers, as long as the boarding bridge can rise and fall, to achieve loading and unloading to meet their own requirements can be on the bridge bridge knowledge is not so meticulous understanding, according to Xiaobian in the mechanical industry summary of the experience, hydraulic Docking bridge users not only to understand the use of equipment, but also its understanding of the working principle, so that the use of the future in order to do better maintenance and maintenance. On the hydraulic boarding bridge works may be the majority of customers are not too understanding, the following to share the working principle of hydraulic bridge bridge knowledge:
Hydraulic bridge
Hydraulic system is generally composed of these elements, namely, power devices, the implementation of devices, control devices, auxiliary devices and hydraulic oil.
The main function of the power device is to convert the mechanical energy into a pressure energy, mainly hydraulic pump to the hydraulic system drive power, hydraulic pump is composed of vane pump and gear pump and piston pump. The implementation of the device is mainly inside the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor, the implementation of the main function of the device is to convert the pressure into mechanical energy to provide power to drive the load line and rotary motion, the control device is inside the hydraulic valve, mainly to adjust and control the liquid Pressure, flow and direction of the role of the hydraulic valve according to the different functions can be divided into three: directional and pressure valves and flow valve. The pressure valve mainly has the relief valve (also called the mast safety valve) and the pressure reducing valve. The flow valve mainly has the throttle valve and the flow distribution valve and the collecting valve. The auxiliary device mainly has the fuel tank and the tubing and the sealing ring, the pipe joint Pressure gauge, etc., hydraulic oil is the entire hydraulic system in the energy and power of the provider,
In fact, as long as the hydraulic equipment, their working principle are basically the same, as long as the working principle of the hydraulic bridge to understand, and that other hydraulic equipment is also easy to understand.
Welcomed the choice of Suzhou City Xiuze lift Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., on how to understand the working principle of Suzhou hydraulic bridge, Suzhou City, Xu Ze lifting machinery Technology Co., Ltd. introduced.
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