Suzhou hydraulic boarding bridge suspension system which featu..
Today, Suzhou Suspension System Suspension System What are the characteristics of the following by the Suzhou City Xu Ze lift Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. for everyone to introduce the Suzhou hydraulic Dengqiao suspension system which features.
In the economic field, the safety, timeliness, flexibility and price and efficiency of transportation are directly related to the fate and survival of the enterprise due to the different transport conditions of the road. Therefore, people on the commercial freight hydraulic bridge, especially as a trailer semi-trailer main components of the hydraulic boarding bridge to high hopes. To adapt to the needs of modern transport of goods continue to develop, develop and produce a number of series, a wide variety of hydraulic boarding bridge. The following describes the characteristics of hydraulic suspension bridge suspension system.
1, the characteristics of the air suspension is good ride comfort, less maintenance, long life, the protection of the carrier cargo than the steel plate has been significantly improved and the damage to the vehicle and the road is also greatly reduced. The spring of the plate produces a different bend at different loads, which causes the vehicle to travel to the ground. If you keep the spring elasticity and increase the load, then will reduce the natural frequency of the spring and even change the characteristics of the spring spring softening. The air spring is air-based compressibility. The air enclosed in the airbag is the elastic element. The air spring system balances the load by different airbags so that the height of the airbag is constant and the distance between the vehicle and the road surface remains constant.
2, the natural frequency of the air spring is stable and therefore its elastic performance is stable This means that the air spring is closer to the ideal state. How does the air spring change the air pressure in the airbag to the same distance as the vehicle body with the load. The height control valve 3 is shown to function as described above. The height control valve is fixed to the frame and connected to the hydraulic bridge by means of a control link. The height of the valve body has two valves that are venting the inflatable valve and the venting valve of the atmosphere. Both valves are controlled by the joystick when the car load is increased. When the bridge is moved closer to the frame, the control link rises through the connecting rod mechanism Open the inflatable valve to compress the air into the air spring to raise the frame and body until the body height is restored.
3, boarding the bridge away from the frame when the control lever down to open the release valve air air inside the air into the body and the frame immediately reduced to the original value. Biaxial or multi-axis air suspension The bridge can also be used to protect the lifting tires when unmounted or multi-axis lifting is available at no load and partial load. While reducing wear on tires on other shafts by reducing misdirection. In addition there are other positive effects in the process of running on the one hand in the no-load and part of the load to produce the appropriate stability on the other hand to improve the drive shaft adhesion.
Welcomed the choice of Suzhou City Xiuze lift Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou hydraulic docking bridge on what the above characteristics, Suzhou City, Xu Ze lifting machinery Technology Co., Ltd. introduced.
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