What is the place where the boarding bridge needs to be marked
Today, talk about custom boarding bridge need to pay attention to the place, the following by Suzhou City Xuze lift Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. for everyone to introduce custom boarding bridge need to pay attention to the place.
The extensive use of the boarding bridge will certainly bring some burden, for example, the factory mass production is uniform size of the boarding bridge, can not meet the needs of some special occasions, so some customers on the whim To carry out the bridge product customization, so use it more handy, the answer is yes. But some customers just know how to use the boarding bridge, which is embarrassing, then in the choice of custom boarding bridge to pay attention to what? Xiaobian to give you inventory:
1) and other related parameters of the axle
As the use of different places, so the need to pay attention to the time to meet the parameters used to meet the parameters of the boarding bridge, about a few: mobile, table size, use, work environment, load, lift height and so on detailed parameters.
2) the way of movement
Because the mobile hydraulic boarding bridge moves a lot, the user needs to be customized according to their own needs: manual movement, self-movement, manual auxiliary way and so on.
3) Customization is tailor-made
Because we get the relevant parameters of the boarding bridge will be able to produce the corresponding equipment, their height, profile type, pole length, the bottom of the profile models, countertop model.
4) the use of mobile hydraulic boarding bridge
Many users do not say when they need to customize the use of equipment. Because different purposes of the boarding bridge equipment or a certain difference, so we need to make clear when custom.
5) mobile hydraulic boarding bridge working environment
Different working environment temperature, humidity, and so some parameters are not the same, so the need to use this time to clear this point, to be able to choose according to local conditions related to hydraulic oil, distribution boxes, electrical components, and so on accessories.
The private customization of the boarding bridge satisfies the special needs of different customers to a large extent, but it is important to understand that the custom boarding bridge is really handy.
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